Police bus

An unidentified man has been caught on camera by a curious Ugandan, while siphoning fuel from a Uganda Police Force (UPF) TATA bus Reg. No. UP 2320, and putting the contents in a yellow jerrycan.

In the photo, another man, probably the driver of the bus, is seen standing on the side and talking on phone.

A source who spoke to this website said most of the siphoning of fuel from police vehicles is carried out at a hidden location in the Naguru Police Barracks, after which the stolen petrol or diesel is sold to vendors who ‘stage’ themselves near the Yuasa and Cooper Motors bonds. The vendors then reportedly sell the fuel to taxi drivers at a price below the pump-price.

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Over the years there have been reports that drivers in security steal petrol and diesel and sell it on the open market, at one time prompting government to ‘colour’ the fuel supplied to the forces, with the police ‘colouring’ its fuel sky blue.

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