Brian White

Several Ugandans have been awed by the riches of Brian Kirumira aka Brian White, with many questioning the source of incredible wealth.

However, in what appears to be efforts at ‘clearing’ the mystery surrounding his riches, the 33-year old Brian White said he inherited the fortune.

‘When I was in school, my mother, who was married to an Italian rich man left with my sister to stay in Italy. It was three years ago when my big sister Sara Nakakande called me to go and help manage some of the businesses in Italy since my mother had passed on. Shortly, my step father also passed on and I was surprised that he had made me his heir. His son Emmanuel Claudio, whom he had with my mother had also passed on so they left me to take care of his riches,’ Brian White reportedly posted on Facebook.

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According to Brian White, his biological father abandoned their family when he was a kid.

‘I do not always want to talk about my father because he left my siblings and I with my mother and then went to stay with his other family. I went to Mityana Public School for my primary education then joined Central College School for my secondary before I joined Makerere University for a Bachelor’s degree in Law but I studied for just one semester,’ Brian White is quoted as saying.

He added that he returned to invest in Uganda, and that he was in the process of setting up two factories in Luwero.

‘I have just settled in Uganda but I am setting up a juice manufacturing factory in Kapeeka and I have a tile manufacturing company coming up. All these are going to be in Kapeeka,’ Brian White said.

Since his return to Uganda Brian White joined the social scene with a bang, but was shortly to land in trouble with the law when he allegedly tried to kill a one Bitwire. He was arrested and remanded to Luzira where he spent the 2017 Christmas, before being released on bail early this year.

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