Vodafone Uganda could soon be sold to a new company-Dei Technologies International (DTIL), a technology arm of Dei Group of Companies International Limited (DGCIL).
DTIL tendered in its letter of intention to buy Vodafone Uganda Limited on February 1, 2018. The letter was addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Uganda Limited.
“This letter establishes the intention of Dei Technologies International…to acquire Vodafone Uganda Limited,” Dr Paul Bamutaze, who is the company’s Head of Business Development, wrote.
DTIL intends to acquire Vodafone including its offices, warehouses, shops, equipment, its brand identity and logo as well as customer lists. “The details of the financial statements and tax returns as well as the customer lists before finalizing the purchase and giving the deposit can be discussed,” reads part of the confidential letter.
According Dr. Bamutaze, DTIL is ready and willing to engage in any discussion that may lead to the purchase of Vodafone.
DTIL runs Deiplaces (www.deiplaces.com), a social networking site developed to market Africa’s tourism potential more aggressively to the rest of the world.
Its mother company-Dei Group is a consortium of companies dealing in mining, manufacturing, value addition, food processing, oil and gas, medicine research, import and export, farming and ICT.
Vodafone Uganda has of late been in the local media with some local telecom sector analysts predicting that the company that is one of the newest in the market could exit sooner than later due to bad business that has led to the closure of some of its outlets in Kampala.
It is not clear whether DTIL will take over the employees as well as the letter not specific on that matter.
Vodafone Uganda is part of the Vodafone family, the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company and one of the most valuable brands in the world. It entered the Ugandan market about three years ago, promising real 4G internet and later added voice.