Fresh Diary milk products

As the scarcity of milk intensifies, agents and retailers have resorted to rationing in order to a serve as many customers.

Usually, in January and February there is a shortage of unprocessed milk as a result of the dry spell. However, this time round the production of processed milk has also been affected.

Indeed, the Eagle Online is reliably informed by a source that there was no milk supply and distribution by Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Company, a subsidiary of Brookside in Kenya, since there was no production the last night.

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Further, the source said, even other milk producing companies like JESA, LATO and Mega are experiencing the problem of less production.

The Eagle Online was unable to get comment from the Diary Development Authority (DDA) Executive Director Dr. Jolly Zaribwende, as she was reportedly in a meeting.

This is a body that is mandated to regulate milk production and supply in the country and when we called the ED’s office we were able to speak to lady who identified herself as Phiona, a Secretary to the ED.

“As far as I am know, Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Limited and to the best of my knowledge they are still in production,” she said on phone.

However, a visit to various supermarkets, retail shops and other outlets, told a different story as one could not get the amount of milk sought.

One person I spoke to at the Master Supermarket in Ntinda, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they had received lesser milk over the last days “and it keeps reducing as days go by”.

“It is JESA which we have always been receiving in plenty but today we but for today, we got less of JESA and nothing at all from Brookside,” said the supermarket attendant.

Also, the price of processed milk has hiked over the last few days, with half a litre of JESA Long Life milk now sold at Shs2500, up from Shs2000.

A source from Brookside that spoke to Eagle Online, said the company would soon come up with a new price list.



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