Bank of Uganda

Despite Commercial Court pronouncing its self on the case of Sudhir Ruparelia and two city lawyers stating that the lawyers weren’t in position to represent Bank of Uganda given their past association to him, sources the lawyers and some top BoU are still in contact.
Sources within BoU allege that the layers are still being consulted and are still in connection with some top BoU officials. However, this website couldn’t verify whether they met over the Crane-BoU case or the pending petition to Inspectorate of Government where some workers within BoU who are dissatisfied with the changes at the Central Bank have reportedly dragged the governor to IGG. It is said that there are some cliques within the bank and each fighting the other. Sources say a top employee of the bank is not happy about the changes and the said person has since teamed up with others to fight the governor and ‘his group’ which they have termed as the ‘Kigezi’ clique.
Knowledgeable sources say the latest meeting took place at a top pub and was strictly attended by the two lawyers and three officials from BoU. We couldn’t verify these claims but Boda Boda operators who operate near the pub confirmed having spot one of the known BoU official on that very evening at the said pub.

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