Former Go-Forward Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi

Former Prime Minister and National Resistance Movement Secretary General John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has vowed to oust President Yoweri Museveni from party chairmanship of the NRM.

Speaking during the installation of Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe as the new Chaplain of St. France Chapel at Makerere University over the weekend, Mbabazi said all signs are that change is under way in Uganda like it has occurred in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“We have witnessed change in Zimbabwe, we have witnessed change in South Africa and certainly we are going to witness change here,” Mbabazi said.

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Mbabazi castigated politicians who criticize religious leaders over their remarks on politics, saying clerics have a right to dictum on politics.

“It is wrong to say that religious leaders cannot be political, obviously what is religion? So they have a right to speak especially wrongs that are going on in society,” he said.

According to sources, two months ago, Mr.Mbabazi and President Museveni held a ‘secret’ meeting in which the latter reportedly said he could work in government again on only two conditions: That he be allowed to name 10 people to Cabinet, and that he become the NRM party Chairman.

Mbabazi, one of the presidential candidates in the 2016 elections, fell out with Museveni after announcing his candidature, was dropped as PM in September 2015, and was also shoved out of the NRM in December the same year. He has since been out of the political limelight.


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