Abdul Karim Babi

Uganda’s Deputy Head of Mission- New Delhi’s nephew, Abdul Karim Babi, Facebook name Kareemon Boxtar, went missing in Kigali, Rwanda.
Ambassador Mohammed Baswari-Kezaala says since his nephew disappearance on February 17, he has contacted the Uganda embassy in Rwanda and has been told that “they have written to Rwandese authorities about a missing Ugandan in the name of Kareem Babi and are still waiting for a response.”
“I am also trying to contact Rwanda authorities but I have not yet gone through,” he said.
The twenty eight year old is a graphic designer and photographer working at Kigali City Graphix. He also trades in electronics including phones and laptops which he imports from Dubai and sells in Uganda and Rwanda.
The family believes he is not outside Rwanda for business because his phone and passport were left at his home.
“He went with the camera possibly to meet a client. We have searched most of the hospitals, police stations and around Kigali to no avail,” Ambassador Baswari-Kezaala told Eagle Online.
Mr Babi is son to the late Isa Musa Babi who was shot dead at his home in Wanyange, Jinja, in the late evening of 2002 before his family and the killers have never been known
The late was a vendor in Jinja Central Market dealing in electrical materials and he was the vice chairman of Jinja Central Market Traders Association
As the ambassador intensities the search for his nephew, a family in Uganda is grieving after discovering the body of their daughter dumped in marsh in Kampala after a gruesome murder.
Twenty eight year old Susan Magara went mission early this month and kidnappers put the family through a heartless process of asking for a $1M ransom until she was tortured and killed and the family asked to pick her body from a marsh.
Anyone with information about Mr Babi’s whereabouts should contact the ambassador on +27 845 113 998 (available on WhatsApp) or +27 110 549 355 and +919958263018 or +256772436628.
Other phone numbers are: +256 788 239 549, +256 704 328 572, +250 787 316 151, + 250 780 653 737, +250 780 339 243, +250 785 477 725, +250 728 477 727.