Some of the delegates at the AUGOS meeting

The Association of Uganda Oil and Gas Service Providers (AUGOS), an umbrella body that brings together service providers in the oil and gas industry, will host a Local Content Stakeholder Dialogue in partnership with Association of Tanzania Oil and Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) on March 28th-29th 2018 at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

The AUGOS-ATOGS event which will be held under the theme, ‘Unlocking local content opportunities in the oil and gas sector’, will bring together various stakeholders in Uganda’s oil and gas industry.

While making the announcement, Prof. Charles Kwesiga, AUGOS Chairman, said the dialogue will help create a meaningful discussion around full exploitation of business opportunities in the industry and enhance the capacity and readiness of service providers.

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The development comes as the country moves from oil the exploration stage to development and production. This stage is estimated at approximately 20 billion dollars, peaking after 5 years.

“The production and development stage poses numerous business opportunities for the business community across a range of services including legal, financial services, training, logistics, camp management, warehousing, agriculture, to mention but a few. Whereas Ugandans have been given chance before to participate, there’s a general consensus that more needs to be done in terms of information sharing, capacity building, tender transparency as well as national participation,” Prof. Kwesiga said.

He added that the dialogue would act as a knowledge sharing platform providing the business community with the opportunity to listen to the companies that will hold the keys to the opportunities in the upstream and midstream, understand the industry regulatory framework, project financing, among other areas.

“If you are looking for information on how to participate, service requirements, skills, certification and standards, personnel, timelines and financing, then this one is a must-attend for you,” Prof. Kwesiga added.

The dialogue is being held in partnership with the Tanzanian business community under their umbrella body, Association of Tanzania Oil and Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) and presents a unique opportunity to table a discussion on existing opportunities for cross border trade resulting from the Uganda-Tanzania crude oil pipeline.

The US$3.5 billion investment named East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) is currently under construction and will transport crude oil from Uganda’s oil fields to the Port of Tanga, Tanzania.

“EACOP is one of the biggest infrastructure projects to be undertaken in the region. We strongly believe this dialogue is necessary to create a platform for business people in both Uganda and Tanzania to get synergies in areas where they can work together through Joint Ventures and Partnerships,” said Ombeni Sefue, Chairman, ATOGS.

Attendance to the two-day event will be by payment; US$100 for AUGOS/ATOGS members and US$200 for none members. Organizers will also have an exhibition with stalls going for US$500.


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