The United States of America recently cautioned its citizens to watch their movements while in Uganda.

According to message on the US State Department website, the American government warned against travel to and movement in Uganda, ostensibly due to the existing security situation in the country.

“Violent crime such as armed robbery, home invasion sexual assault which they say is common in larger cities including Kampala and Entebbe,” the message states in part, adding: ‘Local police lack resources to respond effectively to serious crime’.

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The US also issued guidelines, advising its citizens against ‘resisting any robbery attempt’, leaving unattended to food and drinks in public especially in local clubs, and being cautious when walking or driving at night.

Other guidelines issued on the website include ‘keeping a low profile’ and carrying a copy of passports and visas (if applicable), while leaving the originals in hotels or homes safe.

They are further advised to enroll in the smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts and make it easier to locate them in emergency.

This follows a wave of murders which started last year with the numerous women mysteriously being killed in Wakiso and Entebbe.

Since then there have been other kilings that have shocked the country including that of former Case Hospital Accountant Francis Ekulungat, and the recent gruesome killing of  Susan Magara, the middle-aged lady who  was kidnapped and held for twenty days before her tormentors demanding for  ransom and killing her after receiving US$200, 000 (UgShs.700 million).

Pundits say such incidents could have prompted the US to worry about the safety of its citizens in Uganda.



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