Last week began on a good note for singer Julius Buyinza popularly known as Barbie Jay when his longtime girlfriend, Winnie Aliba delivered a bouncing baby boy Monday morning.

But in direct contrast, this week has kicked off on a bad note.

This is after the ‘Sumbusa’ hit maker was arrested Saturday in Mengo for allegedly having sex in a car.

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Speaking to media, police says that the arrest followed a tip off from concerned citizens who were worried for the occupants of the car parked by the roadside in Mengo near FUFA House, which was ‘shaking like the area was experiencing an earthquake’.

On arrival at the scene, it was found that both occupants were half naked and one of them was easily identified as Barbie Jay.

He was quick to defend their dress code that it was too hot inside thus forcing them to undress as they waited for friends who were to meet them at the spot. Police insisted that he goes with them to record a statement, a request he was hesitant to oblige with but following pressure, the couple was taken to Lubaga Police Station and a case of ‘public nuisance’ was opened up against them.

It’s registered on case File Number – SD/REF;08/10/03/2018.

Barbi Jay is a musician behind songs; Bwerere, Wire, Sumbusa, Kubilowozo, Emergency and Chocolate Girl among others. He is also the founder of Reverb Studio and Barbi Jay petroleum jelly, soap and shampoo.