Ugandan Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Swaibu Mbowa of the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) has been recognised by the World Bank Group for his role in developing the Risk Impact Assessment (RIA) for Uganda National Fertilizer Policy.

Mbowa got a ‘honorable mention’ in the influential RIAs category and the World Bank says his work is instrumental when carried out through well-conducted analyses, new data and innovative regulatory alternatives.

“This category entails cases where RIA has been able to influence the way policymakers think of a policy problem and has had impact on the regulatory outcome,” says the World Bank.

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“Uganda’s RIA had large impact since the country has the lowest uptake of organic and inorganic fertilizer in the world,” it added.

While justifying the honorable mention, World Bank stated: “As the third RIA document produced in the country it will also have immense future impact on the way RIAs is carried out in the country, as it brought lessons on how to deal with diverging stakeholder interests, new ways for policies to set targets, and coordination in policymaking.”

The 2017 Global Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) Awards were organized by the World Bank in conjunction with the Centre for European Governance, University of Exeter, UK.

According to World Bank, the 2017 Global RIA Awards were introduced to encourage teams and public officials who have managed to think outside the box or walked the extra mile to ensure available tools and resources have been used the best way possible in the development of new policies.

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