Officials from BOU and Opportunity Bank during the rebranding launch

With the rise of digital innovation and changing consumer expectations, the financial services landscape is rapidly changing in Uganda. And with this in mind, Opportunity Bank, a leading microfinance institution with over 20 years’ experience announced a new brand the includes moving to a new and improved Head Office.

These changes will elevate Opportunity Bank’s focus on the ability to provide a strong customer experience and technology-led financial services offering to well serve their existing customers and potential target market in the small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs).

Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited is a Tier 2 financial institution licensed by the Bank of Uganda to offer savings, training, remittances and loan products to its customers across the country.

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“There are still many people who are unbanked and have fettered access to loans for developing their businesses. Being able to provide a strong customer experience while exhibiting our unique brand values and financial solutions can be a key differentiator to enable the local market access to turn-key banking products and services,” Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha, Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Bank said at the launch.

He added: “With our rebranding efforts, Opportunity Bank has been empowered to offer banking solutions and experienced customer support services that SMBs need to grow.”

Speaking at the function, the bank’s acting Board Chairperson Mrs Winnie-Lawoko-Olwe, noted that the institution has a unique banking platform that is able to effortlessly meet consumer needs.

“Opportunity Bank continues to develop its multi-functional platform, helping our local markets grow one business at a time. The innovative banking solutions that a small business owner will need to grow their business is extensive. We knew that a unique approach was needed, and we have moved to tailor our products and services specifically to meet our client’s needs,” Ms. Lawoko-Olwe remarked.

The Executive Director-Supervision at Bank of Uganda Dr. Tumubweine Twinemanzi, who officiated at the launch, said that increased confidence in banking benefits will see the move of the ‘unbanked funds’ from under the mattress to commercial banks.

“It is, therefore, a real pleasure for me to officiate at the launch of yet another milestone for Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited,” Dr. Twinemanzi added.

Meanwhile, Opportunity Bank officials say the new branding further enables the bank to stand out, not only within the expansive financial sector industry, but also within the ever-growing mobile money banking sector technology ecosystem.

Small business owners will enjoy the ease-of-use of Opportunity Bank’s sophisticated technology, along with the human touch that is delivered through superior customer service, the officials add.

Established in 1995 as Faulu Uganda and acquired by Opportunity International in 2006, the Bank has evolved from a Tier 3 Micro Finance Institution to a Tier 2 Micro Finance and Deposit Taking Institution over the years.






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