Dr. Joseph Muvawala

Busoga Kingdom Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muvawala has faulted leaders who have resorted to using security agencies to fight personal battles.

According to Dr. Muvawala, a ‘female politician’ from Busoga was behind the kidnap of the Kingdom’s agriculture state minister Matia Wakalali, reportedly by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) in Namulesa, Jinja, two weeks ago, on allegations of attempting to over throw the current government.

“The traitor made false reports against Wakalali lying that he (Wakalali) was recruiting rebels and terrorists with an intention of toppling the regime. It is not government that arrested him, I want to put it clear that there is no problem between us as the institution of Busoga kingdom and government but some individual used her friends in CMI to kidnap him,” Dr. Muvawala, who is also the Executive Director of the National Planning Authority (NPA), told journalists at the kingdom headquarters in Bugembe.

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Recently, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and state minister for lands Persis Namuganza have been up in arms, with claims of each undermining the other’s authority.

And while commenting on the standoff between Kadaga and Namuganza, Dr. Muvawala said in apparent reference to the latter, that politicians who undermine the ObwaKyabazinga under William Gabula Nadiope IV should be shunned.

“Don’t associate with them. When you see them (read Namuganza) coming towards you or when you see them at a function please abandon it.” a tough talking Dr Muvawala said adding that the minister will only be pardoned when she genuinely apologises to Obusoga.



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