On Thursday night the son to Lt. Col. Francis Ongia by name of Denis Alyenyo aged 33 years was kidnapped by unidentified people from his home at Magamaga Barracks in Jinja.

However the family got to know about the incident after the kidnappers calling the mother of Alyenyo using his phone and informing her that they are only willing to work with her and all they need is Shs15 million and that she is not supposed to even to tell media or husband about the kidnap.

She immediately informed husband as she was given a chance to talk to their son who was crying in pain which indicates he was being tortured. Col. Ongia immediately went to check where Alyenyo was staying and they found the door open and = neighbours were not aware of what had happened to Alyenyo.

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According to Lt. Col. Francis Ongia is reported to have said that “we expect these people came and he knew them and he opened for them to come in and they immediately took him because he left his spectacles which he can’t do without”

Col. Further narrated to the neighbours to his son that “if money is what will bring my son back am willing even to give more because you have seen what these people are able to do but I want to know that my son is still alive”

At police in Jinja they say “he was kidnapped by people he knew as there where no brawls heard by the neighbours and expect there where misunderstandings between them or with his father. But Col. Ongia denied any of the allegations
Denis Alyenyo has been working with the Ministry of Defence as a civilian in Magamaga Barracks however he has also been running canteens in the barracks.

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