KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musis

All is not well with the staff of Kampala Capital Authority (KCCA), following the revelation by the Minister of Kampala City and Metropolitan Affairs, Beti Kamya Turyomwe that many fall ill and have unbearable stress, probably due to pressure to achieve performance targets.
“KCCA management has overtime noticed that there were increased number of staff falling ill and many reporting unbearable stress levels which in turn affects staff productivity,” says Kamya in a ministerial policy statement to parliament.
According to the minister, KCCA has introduced professional counseling services to support staff who are faced with different challenges in their lives and improve their coping mechanisms. The authority has also introduced aerobics classes to promote fitness of mind and body.
“A total of 88 staff at city hall actively participated in these classes and the program will be rolled out to the five divisions in FY 2018/19. Staff engagements were held with top management to address various staff matters and identify welfare gaps. These activities replaced the end of year staff parties,” the minister says.
KCCA reports that 22 staff left the institutions including two directors who did not renew their contracts, seven resignations, three abscondments, seven left after expiry of their contracts while 4 staff passed on during the reporting period.
More, the minister in the policy statement says a staff medical scheme has been introduced, attracting over 1200 staff and 951 dependants.
Meanwhile, in the financial year 2017/18, a total of Shs88.55 billion was allocated for the general KCCA operations and human resource costs. By the closure of the second quarter, Shs37.12 billion had been released.