The late Mowzey Radio

A lawyer representing fallen musician Moses Sekibogo Nakintije aka Mowzey Radio (RIP) has threatened to drag to court all people reproducing the deceased’s works without permission from the copyright holders.

In a statement to the public and media, lawyer John Katende says that several persons have started reproducing substantial parts and recomposing songs of Mozey Radio without license of the corporate owner and express consent of Angel Music.

“Furthermore, media houses are using compositions of Radio and Weasel without authorization.”

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“Take notice that reproduction of a copyright work involves resemblance to, and actual use of, the copyright work and whether the infringing part of the copyright work formed a substantial part of that work,” Katende warns.

He added: “Take Notice that the copyright owner shall not hesitate to invoke the strong arm of the law against any person or all people or institutions that are infringing on the musical works of the late Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio.”