State Minister for Gender and Culture, Peace Mutuuzo

The Minister of State for Gender and Culture Affairs Peace Regis Mutuuzo, has urged public officials to perform their duties diligently, exercising their discretionary powers in way that promotes the public interest.

Speaking ahead of the Labour Day on May 1, Minister Mutuuzo said President Yoweri Museveni will lead the national celebrations at Ssembabule Town Council Play Grounds in Ssembabule District.

Labour Day will be celebrated under the theme: ‘Promoting Public Spirit in Public Sector’ and, according to the minister, the theme is drawn from the fact that ‘public servants like all workers seek employment as means to a livelihood; they also have an over-arching obligation to act in the public interest’.

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She also said that leaders must move to end child labour and the exploitation of workers.

The Minister’s message comes at a time when the country is involved in a campaign to stop trafficking, exploitation, torture and killing of Ugandans in Arab countries.

“We have embarked on registering companies that take Ugandans for labour; always visit the gender ministry to check for appropriate companies legalized to export labour,” Minister Mutuuzo said.