GLOBAL TOUR: Jessica Nabongo while on part of her global journey

A Ugandan-American is planning to become the first woman, if not person, to visit all the 195 countries on earth.

Jessica Nabongo, born in Detroit, US, to Ugandan parents says she has been to 109 countries, wants to have visited 172 countries by the end of 2018, completing her ‘dream’ by visiting the other 23 in 2019.

An academic and blogger, reports indicate Ms. Nabongo  undertaking to visit all 195 countries in the world ‘isn’t just about getting her name in a record book … it’s about paving the way for women and people of color to do the same’.

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Ms. Nabongo, who has taught English in Japan, and grad school at the London School of Economics, holds American and Ugandan passports, and will reportedly use her Ugandan travel document to visit North Korea and Iran, two countries which are hostile to the US.

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