First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports, Janet Museveni.

Kampala: Minister for Education and Sports Janet Museveni has asked both Teachers and candidate top stop absenting themselves from schools for breaking of local and international performance records in education and sports.

Speaking in manifesto week that is aimed at exhibiting ministries and department’s performance in the previous financial year, Janet Museveni warned government teachers who have shunned their working to riding Boda-Boda saying it has hindered student’s performances.

“Teacher guides and student’s test books have been procured in different districts across the country, however there is another problem of feeding children in schools, government has no plan to feed school kids,” she noted at Media Centre.

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Despite of low budgets for inspections but we’re getting solutions to increase supervision, she called for abolishment of bad culture practices in school and university,

She revealed that her ministry is closely working with local government officials to ensure the student’s parents give them food to take to school, “I am hoping my campaign will be worked on,” she added.

This year Mrs. Museveni launched a campaign dubbed as feed children in schools, she has been going to various radios stations in the country sensitizing parents to offer lunch meals to their children to excel.

In line to improving student’s performances, she said government has availed digital software and services, constructed teacher’s houses, for close monitoring and offering of services, construction of teaching facilities in various schools.

“Rehabilitation of public universities like that in Soroti district. Business incubators centres are being constructed In Gulu 40 per cent has been done. In MUBs 60 per cent has been done and in the rest of public universities it’s ongoing,” he said.

She implored media to join the campaign of reverting perception that technical schools are for academic failures, “Media, help us educate the public that we need skills for the country’s development, students should embark on practical course for development of this country,” Mrs. Museveni added.