Coby Gilmore from USA and Shahar Balulu taking on the Busiika Motocross challenge

Busiika: Coby Gilmore from USA and Shahar Balulu gave a good account of their presence during the MX three Championships at Busika on Sunday thrilling the fans with their artistic air displays.

The pair were guest riders in the MX1 category alongside Jae Min from Korea. Coby who won all three heats was very flamboyant throughout and kept fans guessing what he would do next with each lap of the 20 minute race. In the last heat, he partnered with Shahar to pull off dual antics that kept the fans screaming.

Shahar admitted that he didn’t expect this many fans and he was very impressed by the turn out.

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“The fans were awesome and the competition was great, I was looking forward to racing against Maxime Van pee but it’s a pity he was still suffering from Injury,

“The riders especially the 85 cc and below are really showing great potential, if I get a chance to return I would love to mix up with them some morel,” he said.

When contacted about the competition, Coby said “the fans are great, the riders are very good and I wanted to put on a show for them so they can remember this race, I am glad they enjoyed themselves” he said

Alongside the impressive air acts of the riders, an air show by a B plane added to the fan fair. The plane that was donned in Uganda Flag colors performed flips turns, flying upside down as well as straight arrow vertical descents before pulling 90 degree turns about 100 meters from the ground scampering fans.

Meanwhile Asaf Natan kept a clean sheet to win the MX 1 category With Van Pee coming in third after he took it easy throughout.

In the first three rounds of each lap van pee would keep up with the Guest Riders before easing off with pains to settle for a finish. In the 85CC, Fortune Sentamu was in a league of his own taking all 3 heats as Gift Sebuguzi outclassed the 50CC snr category.

Stiff competition was also witnessed in the 125CC between the Blick brothers and Ali Omar Bobo.

Alistair Blick won the category despite a dramatic clash with Ali at Turn 13 in the last round before Ali collided with a Journalist who was too close to the track but continued to finish that heat in third.

Final Results

Mx Vets
1 Barack Oland
2 Peter pelser
3 Ashy Young

Mx 1
1 Asaf Natan
2 Maxime Van Pee
3 Arthur Blick
4 Anuwar Kabito

Mx 125
1 Alister Blick
2 Ali Omar
3 Paddy Blick
4 Sharifah Katete

Ladies 65cc
1 Isabella Blick
2 Ester Mwangala
3 Amina Mayanja

Mx 2
1 Isma Mukibi
2 Fatuh Kigundu

Mx 65cc
1 Alon Orland
2 Jeremia Mawanda
3 Milton Obote Akaki
4 Isabella Blick
5 Milton Obote Akena
6 Marcus Bukenya
7 Daryl Muhindo
8 Kenan Nsubuga
9 Telvin Junju
10 Ester Mwangala
11 Ashi Junior
12 Amina Mayanja

Mx 85
1 Fortune Sentamu
2 Malcom Lubega
3 Waleed Ali Omar
4 Joshua Mwangala
5 Jona Muhindo
6 Sam Foreman
7 Wazir Ali Omar
8 Habib Kigundu
9 Keylan Wekesa
10 Anold Nyanzi

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