UNRA Roads construction team at the damaged Nakalama-Tirinyi Road working to restore the road to motorable condition.

Kampala: Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) has been forced to work double responding to emergencies of collapsed roads—due to heavy rains— around the country.

is on spot over continuous roads damages manifested during the recent past in various area of the country.

Currently, the Nakalama – Tirinyi – Mbale Road is cut off. The authority’s spokesperson, Allan Ssempebwa, says their team is already on the ground “working around the clock to restore the road to motorable condition”. The other day, Kabale-Katuna road sunk in hindering business activities between Uganda and Rwanda. Sentema road on northern by-pass was not spared either.

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A section of the Nakalama-Tirinyi road that has been washed away by heavy floods

Over time, a section of opposition politicians have put UNRA on spot over the quality of the roads they construct saying that roads easily give way due to poor technicalities applied during road construction, lack supervision, incompetent companies employed to execute national projects and failure of sub-grade which is caused by improper gradation (I.e. coarse and fine aggregates) and improper compaction.

UNRA executives however blame it on the rain.

“We are working with Uganda Police—Traffic and safety directorate to guide traffic and to ensure the safety of road users who may not be aware of thus situation,” a statement from UNRA on the state of Nakalama-Tirinyi roads roads in part.

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