Ambassador Madiera address the press in Entebbe

Entebbe: The Special Representative of African Union (AU) for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Caetano Jose Madeira called for continuous support of Somalia in a bid to overcome rooming sophisticated terrorist activities claiming lives and crippling of business ventures.

Speaking In the fifth meeting of heads of intelligence security service, Madeira revealed that lack of neutral grounds for implementation of various peace agreements to resolve has led to shooting numbers of South Sudanese and Somalis seeking for asylum in Uganda and the neighboring countries.

“Terrorists groups such as al-Shabab have too used social media as a viable alternative to provide services to people. These groups are go ahead to provide food in Somalia, water for irrigation to farmers as a way of hood winking them, yet the hated for disruption of peace, government to react to overcome these activities,” he said at Imperial Resort Beach Hotel Entebbe.

He implored security operatives to embrace artificial intelligence and dissemination of information through social media among other mode communication to track down mass rooming crimes against humanity.

He emphasized that militarized leaderships across the world has greatly contributed to terrorism on top of blocking democratic practices.

Subsequently the Minister for security Gen Elly Tumwiine said for Africa to build bridges for the peace and security of the continent, every person should feel free to always share information with security operatives for stepping up a reactive actions.

Further revealed that the fusion and liaison center that was opened up in Entebbe earlier in the day, will make information exchange easier and faster among the intelligence services of Africa.

“We should embrace peace and security for integration of the region, threats will arise far and within individual countries however we must work to contend them,” he noted.