Courtesy Photo: Singer Cute Kaye paraded with his stolen car indicators

Kampala-Natete: Rusty music artist Cute Kaye has been caught with smoking gun evidence stealing car indicators from a parked car in Busega on the outskirts of Kampala.

He had already removed other vehicle paraphernalia and was unscrewing the last indicator before sentries tapped his shoulder asking him what he thought he was doing. A crowd gathered and immediately descended on him before police were called.

Speaking to deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, he acknowledged the detaining of the Binkese hit maker saying they are working on his file for him to face courts of law.

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“The suspect was nabbed as he was disbanding vehicle registration number UBA 482K Toyota Premio that was in the parking, however police was alerted and setup to rescue the culprit that was that was yet to be lynched by the hungry mob,” he said.

However the suspect who recently converted to Christianity during the 77 days of glory (77DOGS) at miracle center cathedral headed by Pastor Robert Kayanja pulled out a “first offender” plea and blamed everything on Satan accusing him of misleading him into stealing.

He sought mercy and more prayers but the crowd was already charged continued beating him until police came to his rescue.

Before taking him to Natete police station, was heard saying that although he got saved, the church is not making the juices flow making him look for ways to survive. He noted that he was subjected to staying at church yet it can’t meet all his basic necessities.

Cute Kaye broke onto the music scene in 2007 with his first album Ginkese that took the airwaves in nightclubs and bars by storm however he career started fading-out on allegations that his success is blocked by the Jose chameleon.

His songs include: Ginkese, Gwendota, Njagala Omuwala, Osindise Asitamye featuring Iryn Namubiru, and Gyetwasokela with Priscilla Kalibala, among other songs.