Pastor Kayanja and Kapere during 77 dogs.

Going by the latest developments, it seems Pastor Robert Kayanja’s troubles are far from coming to an end.

A few days after a group of youths wrote to him demanding back over Shs5 billion that he is accused of fleecing from them, another person faithful has come out accusing the pastor of making empty promises to him.

Amarula Family’s Kapere, real name Yokana Mbuuse has accused Kayanja promising him a brand new Mercedes Benz, a new smart phone among other things if he started praying at his church.

“I had no problem with that and I began prayers immediately. I even brought him new followers but as I prayed and prayed, I realised there was nothing coming. Up to date, I have never received anything from Kayanja but I am all okay. Though, my message to Kayanja is, next time never make pledges you know you can’t fulfill,” a visibly furious Kapere vented out as he spoke to media.

Kapere was among the tens of comedians and artistes that joined Kayanja’s church during the highly publicised 77 Days of glory dubbed 77 dogs.

A regular attendant at the church, he was often used as one of the testimonies of how 77 dogs bring about miraculous changes in people’s lives as he had transformed from wearing torn pants and shirts to expensive suits.

However, he added that none of the suits was given to him as all were just for the camera.

Kapere’s remarks come just a few days after a group of youths leveled similar accusations against the Miracle Center Cathedral boss.

Through their lawyer Ladislan Rwakafuzi, youths wrote to Kayanja a few days back demanding him to return about Shs5 billion that he took from them promising them more funds and employment in return.

However, none of the two has been fulfilled three years later.