Idah Nantaba

Kampala: State Minister for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Nantaba Aidah has urged girls to embrace ICT as schools uphold it at all levels for technological advancement in the country.

Speaking at Girls in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) day celebrations held at Nabisunsa girl’s school, Nantaba challenged girls to start thinking outside the box and take on ICT as the main target of the day to extend both formal and informal education opportunities to those interested.

“My worry is that only 17 per cent of jobs globally in ICT are held by women, the other percentage is covered by men, this must stop as they embrace ICT to excel and break the digital divide,” She noted.

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According to Nantaba out of 830 million youth in world, only 80 per cent of them in 104 countries are online with 94 per cent of young people in developed countries using internet, 67 per cent in developing countries and 30 per cent in less developed countries.

“There was once a time when a girl needed to have a big bum to succeed in life and today you only need brains. ICT will help you in realize your dreams because I believe that girls have equal opportunities just like the men to create the future and decide what it should look like,”

Nantaba emphasized that with technological era; there will be less work to do with papers adding that it is time for schools to adopt ICT lectures for technological advancement.

Girls in information and communication technology (ICT) is an international day that is recommend by the United Nations ICT agency connecting the world through spectrum management, brokering standards and bridging the Digital Divide.