Kampala: UK-based Ugandan socialite Sheila Patience Nadege aka Sheila Don Zella’s marriage collapsed close to two years ago but she is yet to get over it.

In a social media rant video released two days ago, she puts the blame squarely on in-laws especially the husband’s sisters.

In fact, she hates her in-laws so much that she says she can never attend burial or funeral rites of her in-laws, saying she hates them so much.

She has a message to young couples back in Uganda: “Keep away from them(sisters-in-law).They are specialized in wrecking marriages of young couples just like in-laws did to her.”

Don Zella separated from Musician Ibrahim Mayanja alias Prof. Big Eye a few years ago.

However, in a characteristic rant on her Facebook page, she advises young wives not to entertain in-laws.

“Sisters in-law should look for their own husbands instead of staying at their brothers’ homes,” the rant starts before going into how her ex husband’s sisters had a special love for food and in heaps let alone loving attention from their brother.

“If you want to eat Matooke, please look for your own husbands. The food the husband buys is for his wife and children,” she went on accusing her in laws of being haters

The dark-cum-brown self baptized don also advises young ladies to look for rich men.

Don Zella says she believes she has been cursed by her in-laws who she alleges didn’t want her to continue being Big Eye’s wife. She says she used to have many men running her but now she has only one- a muzungu (a white man).

Housewives, she says, should mistreat their in-laws to the extent of leaving while cursing.
“In-laws should only visit their son and brother for three days and then leave. When relatives over stay, the husband, wife and children should start eating at the restaurants and leave the relatives hungry at home,” she rants on.

She urges housewives to make their own money so that they can have voice in the house. “Look for money, be rich and you will be listened to, she says.

Right now, she says, she is fasting while praying to Allah to bring her more than one man who can meet her different demands like food, car and hair care, among others.

“With my beauty I can not only attract one man. How can a beautiful lady have only one man?”she said.

Don Zella recently was on social media-Facebook, urging Ugandan girls to look for rich money who can give them a good life, including buying posh cars and renting or building them big houses. She urged the girls to use their southern hemispheres to earn money from rich men because God meant it that way.

Some of her followers however think the socialite needs psychiatric help otherwise she might rant her way to madness.