The Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has immediately suspended Prophet Mbonye’s prophecy ministry from using Lugogo Cricket Oval for their Tuesday fellowships over pending investigations characterized by general mismanagement of the affairs of the council.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Fellowship ministries, was first based at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds for over a year but had moved and booked the Lugogo Cricket oval to get bigger space for his congregation every Tuesday for the next two years.

In the letter from the IGG dated June 5, 2018, it reveals that the office received a complaint from a whistleblower against the National Council of Sports where it was alleged that the Council was operating in a manner characterized by general mismanagement of the affairs of the council.

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The letter states that Lugogo Cricket Oval has been home for the Uganda Cricket Association since 1966 but the activities of the various Cricket teams have been cut from 7 to 3 days which makes it difficult for the cricketers to prepare for the game.

IGG’s letter reads, “Lugogo Cricket Oval was irregularly contracted out of use for the use of the ZOE Fellowship Ministries for its massive public prayer rallies much to the detriment and prejudice of the state of the grounds as well as the activities of the Uganda Cricket Association which has been in occupation of the Oval since 1966.

This will be particularly prejudicial because unlike Zoe Fellowship, which can find another place of worship, cricketers cannot play the game in any place of worship or other place because there is none suited to practicing for and playing their game. It therefore appears that execution of this contract will not only be unfair to the cricket fraternity but it will also clearly be against the public policy.”

The letter also highlighted concerns over how the contract was drawn saying they were irregular and contrary to the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act and other related legal standards according to Article 230(2) of the Constitution of Uganda and Section 14(6) of the Inspectorate of Government Act.

“This is therefore, to direct you with accordance with provisions above to suspend the operation, implementation of the aforementioned contract with Zoe Fellowship Ministries for the use of Lugogo Cricket Oval pending investigation of the circumstances upon which the contract was entered and the management of the proceeds arising therefrom.” stated the letter which Eagle Online has obtained.

The IGG said that the matter is to be properly investigated to rule out the possibility of abuse of public assets and finances and that her office will commence on a systematic review of the processes and procedures of NCS on various other matters that have been brought to her attention.

“By copy of this letter the Solicitor General and the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury and the Auditor General are requested to take interest in this matter and participate in bringing about order in the Sports Industry in Uganda,” the letter concluded.