President Museveni addressing parliament on the state of security in the country.

Parliament: President Museveni has directed security agencies to finger print all the guns in country.

The president made the revelation while addressing parliament on the state of security in the country just a fortnight after the death of Arua Municipality legislator who was gunned down in Kawanda by assailants moving on a motorcycle.

Addressing parliament this evening, Museveni said with the introduction a machine that reads gun finger prints, government will be able to identify the kind of gun that was used in criminality and who signed for it.

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“These criminals have been getting government fire arms, kill people and return them to armory, the data will be stored in the central monitoring system that will stationed at police,” he said.

He further said “I have been warning our security forces not to depend on telephones because serious criminals don’t use telephones to commit crime. They should use ears to listen but should know that the eye is the best weapon to capture these criminals,”

Museveni listed seven key factors security agencies will implement in curtailing crime and these are installation of electronic number plates on vehicles and motorcycles, banned hooded jackets, introduction of helmets with unique number both in front and behind and on this, he said he would consult both National Social Security Fund and National Enterprise Committee (NEC), a commercial subsidiary of the army to manufacture helmets locally. Other measures are installation of cameras on highways and streets, modern forensic laboratories for DNA test, Speedy response by police to situations and in trying to achieve the above, he proposed the revival of 999 police response and reinstating of flying squad.

He also said his government would use drones to detect crime in areas that are hard for human beings and lastly working with Uganda Communication Commission to detect online criminals.
Further noted that in a bid to block the smuggling of guns into the country, more modern container scanners will be availed to check all containers entering in the county.

“Cameras will be installed along roads junctions around the country and acquiring drone cameras to do surveillance work.

He revealed that in the past Ugandans attended ‘Muchaka-Muchaka’ to fight crime, crime preventers and Local Defence Units (LDU), “for boda-boda 2010, I don’t think those were properly trained, they have eyes but they can’t see, they have ears but can’t listen, they are playing with something very dangerous, we shall crush them,”

According to Museveni with rapid response in case of crimes, old police techniques, it is easy to detect crime when police are alerted and working with vigilant communities, crime can be dealt with. “We have abundant capacity to guarantee the security of Uganda, all the criminals including those hiding in Congo will pay for their sins,”