Ms. Rosa Malango UNDP country representative.

Private companies under private sector foundation have ratified gender equality seal certificate program that is aimed at promoting productivity, partnership and marketability of locally manufactured products across the country.

The certificate propgramme is supported by United Nations Development Programming (UNDP) to help business achieve gender equality, the goal five of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

According to Executive Director PSFU Gideon Badagawa, companies ranging from large to small and medium enterprises majoring in banking, beverages, information communication technology, leisure and hospitality, tourism and agriculture will be targeted.

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He revealed that the program aims at gender equality at workplaces will target employee performance scheme that reduce gender gaps.

He said that the new companies bring to 40 enterprises that adopted gender equality seal certification program for private enterprises in Uganda.

During the signing event, UNDP Resident Representative Rosa Malango said that she is delighted to see increased interests in the gender equality seal certification.

“we applaud private sector foundation and all the enterprises that have been with us for the last two years and welcome the new ones that have agreed to take the challenge to ensure gender equality in work,”

Speaking at same function at Serena hotel, Minister for Gender Labour and Social Development Janat Mukwaya lauded UNDP for pivotal role in empowerment of woman.

She said government is committed to ending gender based violence in homes among other communities.

“Government has engineered women to access property, quality education, employment opportunities, therefore, the state machinery is committed to supporting women in private sector for diversification of the economy,”