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Indians continue to fight over money, positions as PM Modi prepares to visit Uganda

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All is not well with different Indian communities and associations in Uganda as the country prepares to host Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi in the last week of July 24, 2018.

A section of Indian bodies that have been left out of the organizing core committee are questioning how One billion shillings budgeted for Mr Mod’s visit is going to be used. The oppressd group also wants the core committee organizing the visit of Modi to have 20 members instead of 10, saying bodies have been left in the cold.

“To add to the injury the actions of the said core committee so far have been grossly unbecoming of a sound leadership, what with the proposed budget expenditure of one billion shillings, and unclear intention in choosing the venue for the address for the P.M.,” the excluded group says

The members, who want their issues addressed before Mr Modi arrives, say that money is huge for the event. “The event certainly does not call for a Bollywood singer to ridiculously add to the costs, “they say.
The core committee comprises 10 members, being members of the Indian Association which they say does not necessarily represent the interests of all Indians in Uganda.

Those opposed to the formed 10 member core committee say some of the members on the committee want to use Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Uganda for gain personal business deals at the expense of others. They say that the committee has not exhibited any transparency so far.

The different Indian Commissioner of India to Uganda Ravi Shankar received a letter on July 5 from some members who dissatisfied with the way how the Core Committee that is preparing for PM Modi’s visit was constituted.

“We the undersigned heads/office bearers of various communities strongly protest and express a great sense of dissatisfaction in the manner in which the core committee was nominated by your good offices, despite discussions and agreement of Mr. Vijay Chauthaivale,that is at least 20 leaders from various communities, associations and bodies be nominated.

They want the official to reconsider the core committee composition to allow at each Indian community-including religious bodies to have a representative.

Other reports allege that Ravi Shankar, who is conniving with former Rubaga North MP Singh Katongole to allegedly swindle billions raised by the community towards organising the highly billed event.

Sources say Shankar is silently dealing with Katongole, Pradeep Karia, a Director of Property Services to deny some Indians opposed to his way of doing things an opportunity to interface with some of the multi-billionaires who will accompany Modi on the historic visit.
The Prime minister of India Narendra Modi will visit Uganda in the last week of July. His visit is expected to improve relations between Uganda and India in areas such as tourism, agriculture, business and health.

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