Members of Parliament have all it takes to ensure their own security, despite President Museveni’s directive that the legislators be provided amoured vehicles, bullet proofs and sharp shooters, John Baptist Nambeshe, the Manjiya Constituency representative has said.

Nambeshe made the remarks as he appeared on NBS television on Tuesday morning. He said those who advised Museveni to direct that government spends extra money on MPs security were selfish people who have no the country at heart.

“Members of Parliament have what it takes to hire their own security,” he said, adding that the money yet to be sourced should go to projects that benefit poor Ugandans such as in disaster prone areas.

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Nambeshe said that unlike MPs, the poor citizens were more vulnerable to insecurity, quoting the recent murders of Susan Magara and other women who were recently killed around Kampala and Wakiso districts.
Nambeshe categorized in the group of NRM rebel MPs said that the cost implication of the equipment and the personnel to cater for the legislators was huge for the country.

He said the issue of insecurity in the country cuts across, arguing that government should concentrate more in protecting vulnerable Ugandans especially the children, women and the elderly.
Nambeshe said the insecurity in the country is a result of a “stretched economy.”

He called for the strengthening of the country’s intelligence gathering units such as CMI, ESO and ISO. That is where that money should be focused,” he said.

Nambeshe said he would reject the amoured vehicle if it is procured and given to him. “I would reject it. Where does it leave my family members? Are we going to amour our houses?” He said when asked.

James Waluswaka (Bunyole Wes-NRM) who supports Museveni in boosting MPs’ security said the money would come from classified expenditure. He said the guards to be provided are already on government payroll.

Waluswaka in the turn of events accused his colleagues of being selfish to the extent that they don’t provide their guards and drivers launch. “Some of the MPs spend Shs100, 000 on lunch,” he said.
Museveni gave directive is in a letter dated June 29, 2018 to Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija to procure special security cars for all 456 MPs. The president said that members of parliament have been singled out for intimidation and possible attack and that he has decided to protect the MPs as the country awaits putting in place other security systems.

The president’s directive followed a call from a section of MPs to be provided with additional security following an increase in cases of kidnaps and murders of women in Wakiso and Entebbe, Muslim clerics, and a number of other prominent people over the last two years.

The latest was the assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga, the former Arua Municipality MP in June. Abiriga, who was one of the supporter of the constitutional amendment to remove the restriction on the presidential age.

Those well versed with security matters say a new pick-up as described by Museveni would cost between Shs200 million and Shs250million each. That means about Shs150 billion would be required to procure the amoured pick –ups.

The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change party recently blamed Museveni for directing that all legislators be provided with escort vehicles and snipers and implored MPs members from the opposition side not to accept the vehicles.

FDC Deputy Spokesperson Paul Mwiru said: “We don’t need the pick-up vehicles and the sharp shooters because we don’t have any threats since we have done nothing to warrant any attack from our people who voted us into our positions.”

Former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi, when asked on Tuesday morning said Museveni was right to direct that the MPs be provided with the amoured vehicles and snipers.

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