Hon. Winfred Kiiza

Leader of opposition in parliament (LoP) and Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza has called upon government to abandon the announcement of 0.5 per cent on the mobile money tax saying it doesn’t conform to the principles of taxation.

At parliament, Kiiza earmarked Ugandans facing both social and mobile money taxes to stand and hold their legislators accountable, “don’t let leaders hold you hostage, rise up to the occasion,”

“Social Media tax is illegal, it is levied on already taxed services, that is why government doesn’t have a specific name to give it, they are calling it ‘over the top’ because they are charging over the taxes we have already paid for when topping up airtime,” she said.

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In line with boosting of innovations, information sharing and technological advancement, government launched free hotspots for its nationals at various such as City square, Kiiza says instead of promoting, government is blocking young generation from associating and accessing information.

Social media and mobile money tax were introduced in an effort to have self-sufficiency in budget, Social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Viber and Skype among others were subjected to a daily levy of Shs200 as mobile money transaction were subjected to 1 per cent excise duty.

Following various protests against both taxes, Last week President Museveni said 0.5 per cent of the tax incurred while transacting on Mobile money will be refunded to all people who were deducted one per cent on mobile money transaction. Museveni contended that he mistakenly ratified the law without proof reading.

She implored MPs to reject armored vehicles and sharp shooters that president Museveni recommended to every legislator. Kiiza contends that armored cars depicts over taxing of Ugandan population, “If it is security, let us suffer together, if it is peace, let us enjoy it together,”

Kiiza said government should use correct and appropriate ways of collecting money to its coffers and reduce on wasteful expenditure, avoid tax exemptions for huge companies that are in position to pay their own tax for utilization funds.

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