Emma Kulishinzi

Trouble seems to be following David Lutalo again, with claims that the musician copy-pasted the latest ‘Nkwagalira Ddala’ song from Emma Kulishizhi without permission.

According to Emma, he claims that his song was recorded in Nathanate Studio, Jinja, 2010 and somehow, it received recognition especially in the Eastern part of Uganda.

He adds that in all efforts to have his song widely known, he met Mr. Fred Kayongo of Bukedde, who still remembers him, in 2012 for an interview and on September 7th 2012, it was published on page 16 of the newspaper.

David Lutalo

In his claim, he insists that his song was actually plagiarized and accusation is not stage managed to create a cheap rise-to-fame.
Emma told EagleOnline;
“I am accusing David Lutalo of plagiarism by copying and pasting my song ‘Nkwagalira Ddala’ so as to pen down his ‘Nkwagalira Ddala’ song, which has become a cult.

My accusation is not stage managed to create a cheap Rise-to-Fame; the fact is that my music was flawed, and so I called it quits about seven years ago after I proved the career wasn’t fruitful to me.

Though my “Nkwagalira Ddala” song was somehow received in especially the Eastern part of Uganda, my public profile remained very low, and as a result, I lacked confidence and opted to take a break in my musical career concentrating on my (withhold) ambitions.

I released that song in 2010 in Nathanate Studio, Jinja. In 2012, Mr. Fred Kayongo of Bukedde met me for an interview and on September 7, 2012 on page 16 of Bukedde, I was published (over that song).”

Mr. Kulishizhi now seeks for justice, saying he is the rightful owner of the song’s copyright and wants to halt distribution and publication of Lutalo’s song.

David Lutalo first gained success with his song “Kapaapala”. He is among Uganda’s talented vocalists and has several solo songs to his name as well as several collaborations with Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool and GoodLyfe.