Former Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura

Former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura isn’t well in his incarcerated house as he has been hit by allergy to a point that he has lost his voice.

However, the doctors that attend to him have advised that his condition isn’t worrying as it could be allergy.

According to sources, the former blue eyed army general to President Yoweri Museveni is said to have fallen sick from Friday throughout the weekend and Monday wasn’t allowing in visitors apart from few selected ones due to his health.

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“He is well but the only strange thing is that he has lost his voice due to allergy and we suspect this is due to the new conditions he finds himself in” a source told Eagle Online. Asked whether this condition could be due to the ‘poor’ accommodation, the source insisted that the house where Gen. Kayihura lives is befitting for his status.

Eagle Online has also established that Kayihura is moody and is never the jolly. He is also reportedly fearing to meet people he thinks record him and so if one isn’t personally known to him, he can’t open up to talk to such a person.
Kayihura is detained at Makindye Barracks with six of his former aide de camps.

According to security sources that Eagle Online talked to, Gen. Kayihura has been linked to the killing of Assistant Inspector General of Police by suspects who were arrested earlier. However, sources say this is one among a host of charges lined up against him by the state. Other charges that are being lined up include espionage that could see treason charges slammed on him.

In a statement released by Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force Spokesperson, Richard Karemire it said Gen. Kayihura is still a serving officer of UPDF and has been staying in Kashagama, Lyantonde district since March 15, 2018.

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