Police Chief Okoth Ochola

The inspector general of police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola has cautioned police officers over arbitrary arrests and intimidation of voters as Country prepares for local government and parliamentary elections that kicked off earlier in the day to July27, 2018.

In a media briefing held at police headquarters IGP said, incidents are being investigated and whoever is culpable will be prosecuted in accordance with the law, “investigation and prosecution of such cases will not end with the elections,” he added.

“Operation orders have been drawn, briefings and deployments have been concluded, and Police must ensure that these elections go on smoothly, if there has been any abuse by police officers, it must stop. All police officers must ensure that no abuse whatsoever is occasioned on citizens,” he said at Naguru.

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Elections have always evoked emotions that have sometimes sparked off commission of election related offences leading to massive arrest and detention of electorates from various polling stations.

He said it is imperative for all stakeholders to play their Candide roles to overcome incidents that promote violence and crime.

In the same vein Mr. Ochola said, no citizens should engage in the commission of crime, “If they do, Unit Commanders must investigate and prosecute these elements without fear or favour,”

“Police officers must assess threats, deploy adequately and monitor the process to ensure a safe environment for citizens to exercise their constitutional rights of voting for leaders of their choice without fear or intimidation,” he said.