URA Commissioner in-charge of Customs Kateshumbwa and Minister Kasaija during the launch.
EC Village Verification

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija has launched two FS 6000 Non-intrusive Cargo Inspection Scanners at Busia and Malaba One Stop Border Posts (OSBP).

Speaking at the launch, Kasaijja said cargo scanners were acquired from NUCTECH, a China based company by Uganda Revenue Authority customs’ department to streamline and improve cargo in transit thus boosting international trade.

Kasaija said in a marketplace where illicit cross border trade and smuggling is still thriving, supply chain security is very crucial. Customs therefore, the need to prevent illegal transport of unauthorized or undeclared goods and migrants alike.
“When combined with effective profiling methods, non-intrusive scanners can greatly improve the customs and security functions,” said Kasaijja.

With support from Trade Mark East Africa and Department for International Development (DFID) finance minister said, the newly launched scanners will be linked with the ones at Mombasa Port thus create a digital trade corridor.
As part of the digital revolution, it is important that all efforts are put in place to ensure faster and more effective technology is used in trade. Electronic cargo scanning and clearing is thus a great step forward.

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Scanners allow for archiving to be set to allow the system to free up space from old images. The server supplied with the system, has a provision for inserting USB drives and USB DVD RW drive to allow for burning of the images in standard format.

URA Commissioner for customs Dicksons Collins Kateshumbwa commended the authority on the milestone of having the first non-intrusive inspection scanner in the region.
He said they (Scanners) can inspect close to 200 trucks per hour Implying that trader can spend between one to three minutes.