PLEASE RETIRE: NRM party National chairman, Yoweri Kaguta. Museveni.

During Tufumintirize, a political talk show on the Jinja based 87.7 Baba FM on Wednesday 08 August, 2018, National Executive Committee member of NRM, Hajji Abubaker Walubi accused members in Busoga of fighting and undermining their own party.

Walubi who is also the party chairman for Iganga district said the many bitter in-flights have done a lot of damage to NRM.

He was responding to word that members of his own District Executive Committee (DEC) were supporting independent candidates in the race for Bugweri Woman MP.

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“It is true, two of my members of DEC who are supposed to be exemplary are instead fighting NRM in support of people who have quit the party. But of course I doubt whether genuinely one of those is our member,” he said.

Asked how a nonmember go such a big appointment, Walubi said: “Interest groups hold separate elections to get own league leaders. This is how we sometimes end with wrong people getting big positions.”

According to Walubi, the indiscipline of party leaders in the greater Iganga district is eroding the efforts of the top party leadership at organising free and fair primaries.

“There is need to build cohesion in the NRM. It is time to work together. Leaders should stop conflicts and embark on working for the party,

“But because our members especially the youth lack mentorship they have no respects for the superiors. Because, how could someone on a district exexutive belittle the secretary general?,” wondered Walubi.

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