kenyans protest over Bob i Wine.

everal groups took to the streets of Nairobi on Thursday to protest against detention of MP Robert Kyagulanyi, more commonly as Bobi Wine, by the Ugandan government.

The Law Society of Kenya, Amnesty International, Ugandans living in Kenya and student leaders gathered at the Freedom Corner in Nairobi and marched to the Ugandan embassy on Riverside Drive.

During the protest, the Ugandan MP who was facing charges of illegal arms possession charges, freed by the military court in Gulu.

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This prompted the protesters to change their chants from “Free Bobi Wine” to “Free Uganda”.

” President Museveni’s time is up. He is the last of Africa’s dictators and he must go. Bobi Wine is innocent, they are using him as a scapegoat. He is not just a person but an idea. He represents the 75 per cent of youth who make up the population of Africa,” activist Boniface Mwangi said during the protest.

Members of the LSK donned suits and red ribbons as a sign of solidarity with Uganda.
Kyagulanyi was re-arrested shortly after he was freed by the General Court Martial.

The visibly frail Kyagulanyi walked out of the court with difficulty and was re-arrested by officers who were waiting outside.

He was later presented before Gulu Magistrate Court where he was charged with treason.

He was then remanded to Gulu Prison until August 30, when he will be returned to court with his co-accused.

The MP and his co-accused have been allowed to access medical attention in any private facility they wish but under the security of the prison authorities.

Earlier at the Court Martial, Mr Nicholas Opio, one of Kyagulanyis’ lawyer described the court appearance as a “charade intended to continue abusing” his client’s rights.

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