Kassiano Wadri

MP elect for Arua Municipality Kassiano Wadri says officers in presidential guard of Special Forces command (SFC) are the worst and unprofessional humans for torturing people including members to the sickbay.

The bailed out MP said they were picked by two groups of security officer’s after they were sprayed with teargas. The first operation was conducted by SFC where most of his colleagues was nabbed.

Appearing on NBS Tv Morning Breeze, Mr Wadri said, “We couldn’t believe Mityana municipality MP Francis Zaake was still alive, we had to plead with police to take him to Gulu hospital because he was in the worst state,”

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He says MP Robert Kyagulanyi was arrested by SFC, tortured badly, “No one who was arrested by SFC came out the same way they went in. They all had bruises.”

The next operation was conducted by police officers who came with sticks. The only person who was so hurt in Wadri’s group was Jinja east MP Paul Mwiru who was brutally hit on his shoulder as they asked him for directions to where MP Kyagulanyi was hiding.

Wadri who was arrested on allegation of smashing president’s cars wind screens says he never saw President Museveni in Arua, neither did he come close to his motorcade. He said what caused them problems was the large crowds they had.

“NRM rally only had children and I think that’s what annoyed him, how on earth would anybody harm the president, he’s the fountain of honor,” he said.

He lauded Uganda prisons services saying it is the only institution in Uganda which practices fairness. “We had a sigh of relief because we had running water, toilet facilities and the prison authorities let us have visitors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” he said.

He said they let them prepare their meals. “I want to thank the prison authorities for treating us that way, that was heaven on earth for us,”

He said people of Arua municipality made history to vote for incarcerated candidate and stayed strong in all the chaos, “I want to thank them for the support they gave me even when I was in the cell,”

Kassiano Wadri was arrested along with Robert Kyagulanyi, Ntungamo Municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga, Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru, former MP Michael Mabikke, and 28 other, the group that was released on Monday by Gulu High court, is battling with charges of treason and malicious damage of president’s car.

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