State Minister for Urban Development, Isaac Musumba and his political nemesis, Martin Muzaale have used the three day tour of Busoga Kyabazinga, William Nadiope IV to their Buzaaya county to each show the other that he has the people power (support).

The Isebantu Kyabazinga tour which started on Friday with Wankole and Bugulumbya sub-counties is part of the activities to commemorate the 6th Gabula Day, a brain child of Kamuli & Buyende Districts.

But at Buwala Primary School where Kyazinga addressed his first rally to teach the subjects on farming and education, the event was disrupted when the crowd demanded that Minister Musumba cuts his speech short and hands over the microphone to Muzaale.

Muzaale was MP in the 9th Parliament after winning the seat from Musumba who had occupied it for three consecutive terms but in 2016 Musumba (again) trounced Muzaale to regain his seat.

Musumba was the first to arrive at the venue but the crowd remained steel even when the master of ceremony pleaded with them to welcome the minister with applause.

Moments later, Muzaale arrived, sending the crowd into endless cheering and chanting.

Some of the youth and women accused Musumba of betraying them on the matter of age limit. Last year voters told Musumba not to support the amendment of Article 102b which he went against while on the floor of parliament.

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“Our hero yaaaya our man yaaaya” chanted the youth who carried Muzaale on their shoulders from the main road up to the venue.

The same thing happened in Bugulumbya, Mbulamuti and Nawanyago sub counties.

Kyabazinga toured several places that included schools, farmers who mainly deal in coffee, bananas, oranges, rearing of animals like improved breeds of cattle, piggery and goats.

He put emphasis on embracing mechanised systems of farming like irrigation, large scale farming which yield more income in order to improve on the standards of living in their homesteads.

The schools visited include Bugulumbya Primary School, Luzinga Secondary School where the King, who holds an MBA with a bias in Management emphasized the need for parents to continue educating their children, improvise career guidance, and embrace girl child education to cub early marriages, teenage pregnancies among others.