RIP: Muhammad Kirumira

The Muslims have demand for equality and justice in Uganda saying they are being treated as secondary citizens.
The highly charged mourners that attended the prayers at Old Kampala national Mosque questioned it is ‘always’ them being targeted in assassination.

The question on every Muslim’s mind is who is next, the Muslims have been attacked from all angles, the high profiled Muslims are the target, we need an action programme, and Your Eminence, and we can’t wait. We demand that we are treated like equal citizens of this country. We should not lose hope. Allah knows the secret why these things are happening. We cannot forget the killings in Mbarara” said Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the 2nd Deputy Mufti.

On his part, the Mufti, Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubajje praised late Muhammad Kirumira for being peaceful and respectful saying his last message was wishing people well.
He was peaceful, respectful, I have been following him and his last message was wishing people well and this was his last and farewell message.” He said before restoring back to Kirumira’s parents “You never made any mistake giving birth to Kirumira, we have lost many and those where heavyweights of ours. Most of those killed are Muslims”

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Mubajje also used the occasion to task government to explain what went wrong as far as the safety of Muslims and the deteriorating security situation in the country.
“We ask the president and the government and actually people where happy that now they sleep but now bleed is pouring. What went wrong concerning Muslims? Blood will lead to more blood. In Uganda we are all Baana (children) but Muslims are now regarded as Ebyana. Sheikh Mubajje said before Introducing troubled for Deputy Commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police Siraje Bakaleke, whom he said is another person facing persecution.

“Others when arrested with guns, they are told to move from civil court and charged there but to us Muslims, what happened. Look at Kitata. We ask government to treat us equally. We want explanations? Who are these people killing us? I am declaring that all Muslims declare national prayers, we want a country of peace” he said

Former Forum for Democratic Change party leader,Dr. Kizza Besigye implored Muslims to remain focused despite provocations like the killings that seem like targeting people of Islam faith.
Too sad for Kirumira who isn’t here with us, he has been a pillar for telling the truth. It is sad for the voice that was raised but now silent. The power isn’t with us but with the creator, we also see what is going on but be strong. All of us, will perish and however much they do much, you can kill someone but not his good deeds and his resolve.
Kirumira was assassinated last night together with a lady identified as Resty Nalinya whom he had given a lift.