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President Museveni’s address answered many questions

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By Sam Evidence Orikunda

The President of Uganda on Sunday evening took time to host journalists at State House Entebbe and explain a number of issues that have been raised over time. Some people had used the president’s silence to peddle lies and spread propaganda as it has been their way of doing work and their trusted tool.

Propaganda can work and mislead for a short while but when truth is discovered it gets back to the lines hence the carrier of propaganda losing.
The president categorically put it that NRM hasn’t been so much into propagandizing since its birth. We were so much of working and speaking less. That’s why the opposition has solely enjoyed media coverage and of late they trick the media with a number of things in order to keep their names, pictures and videos run on different televisions.

Museveni also answered the question of insecurity which was so much contested and yearned for. It’s very unfortunate that we have lost a number of lives but the president instructed the recruitment of 24,000 LDU’s who will be deployed in the districts of Kampala and Wakiso as the cameras are being installed.

He at the same time accepted the fact that our police is still using old methods to curb down crime, however, he says we are in transition from old ways to having modern ways of running after these criminals and arresting them.

The foreigners who have turned themselves into our decision makers and guiders are collaborating with a number of people to have our peace disturbed. The youth who are given Shs100, 000 to burn tires on streets and those who had been given Shs300, 000 to burn the petrol stations are all misled by these characters through civil society organizations.

They take an advantage of unemployment in the country to have these youth lied to. However, the idea of having these youth empowered and given skills that will help produce a number of things that will be sold and they get money both for the country and themselves is very good.
The President has always valued the good youth of Uganda and that’s why we started from immunizing them during birth, educating them through different levels and now they need jobs. This has helped to increase on the percentage of Literacy which is good for Uganda as a country.

I so much agree with the Museveni that Uganda’s issues can be solved by Ugandans themselves. There’s no foreigner who will say that he is super human and can know our problems more than we can know them. Therefore, these things of involving themselves in our issues make us suspicious as it is said in the Runyankole Rukiga proverb that “Owakunda Omwana Kukira nyina naba nayenda Kumurya”

Building the rehabilitation centers for the youth who are already into drug abuse will help most youth. It’s very shocking to discover that most patients admitted in Butabika are youth and the biggest cause of this is drug abuse and too much alcohol drinking.
Rehabilitation centers will help decrease on a number of youth that still see life in drug abuse and drinking alcohol.

The mentality by the opposition to scare and threaten supporters of NRM who sometimes get scared and don’t show up on the polling day will be put to end and the opposition will get back to the level. NRM winning the recent Local council elections with 90 per cent should have been their assurance that we are strong.

On democracy and calling Uganda a failed state yet we have the national parliament, parliaments in all districts and parliaments at sub county level is a cheap talk which isn’t backed by facts and therefore, it should be dismissed. It’s a fact that Uganda has built a strong army even when we’re using fewer funds, an army that is able to protect Uganda. The UPDF has protected Ugandans for all these years and the bad elements that have joined our society and now focusing on killing innocent Ugandans will be hunted down and captured.

Infrastructure development which is the primary factor for every nation to do or to have before development has been realized. We have electricity at almost every district headquarters and now moving to the sub county level. We have built tarmac roads which the criminals are now using to shoot people and run off. The education as the Museveni put in today’s presser would have been free but the local officials have subsidized it.

Museveni says though media doesn’t want to report about it or talk about it has of recent fought with an iron hand the characters of corruption. In different government institutions, different officials have been suspended and some dismissed permanently. The president at the same time appointed a three people committee that will ensure that all corruption cases are reported and solved. This will be added on the land commission of inquiry that has worked hard to have land wrangles settled.

The haters of development and the unpatriotic Ugandans will always create situation that will make Uganda look as though it’s crumbling but these will not win. That’s why most people have shunned reporting real news to promoting and doing serious campaigns for individuals. This is very dangerous to us as citizens and the country because we shall not have a uniform voice against fighting poverty and developing our good country. Museveni in a short time he spent answered a number of questions and I say that am satisfied by his address.

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