Patrick Oboi Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change party president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has scoffed at his predecessor, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu saying his quitting isn’t the first but again, it creates room for youngsters.

Amuriat said Gen. Muntu is leaving a strong party, creating a vacuum and opportunity that will later be filled by other members. Amuriat said Muntu shouldn’t give excuses about his nonperformance.

Yesterday, the former Army Commander Gen. Muntu and other leaders announced their departure, a year after conceding defeat in the intra party presidential elections. Muntu argued that, the party has declined to build its structures from grass root, intrigue and branding him as amole for the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM).

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Amuriat notes that, nobody stopped Gen Muntu from exercising his roles as a member for prosperity. “In his conceding speech, he vowed to back me for the good of the party and declare his political future. He went on for consultation which culminated into formation of a report and breaking away,”
According to FDC leaders, the Gen. Muntu declared his stand when he contested for the party presidential elections saying when they defeat him, he will definitely quit. They believe that Muntu took a wrong decision since he was one of the strong supporting pillars of the party.
“Our party is not built on individuals; it is well ground and has been around for 14 years. FDC has overcome the storms; Muntu’s exit will not affect us,”
Adding “The rtd general is not the first person to leave, founder members left and the party is still in existence. Beatrice Atim Anywar, Betty Kamya and other members existed the party; however, most of them were swallowed by the ruling party, NRM”.

Amuriat says as a party leader, the last thing any leader would want to witness is a section of the party to move and form another party. Muntu is tomorrow expected to clear his stand of either forming his party or remain independent.

According to Budadiri West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi who doubles as Secretary of General for FDC, Muntu’s exit doesn’t hurt the party. “When one joins, we hope that they will stay but if they choose to leave then that means they joined with an agenda different from what we stand for and believe in as a party,”
He says they intervened for reconciliation; but Muntu has insisted on his ideologies and decided to quit.

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