Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake in pain after he was tortured by Special Forces in Gulu.

Controversial Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament, Francis Zaake Butebi, is tomorrow expected to jet back after spending one month in India where he had gone for medical treatment.

The MP is among the 36 suspects grappling with treason charges that were leveled against them. The group is allegedly to have smashed one of the president’s vehicle windscreen in the procession from holding their conclusive rallies a head of Arua municipality by-election that was won by Independent and FDC leaning candidate Kassiano Wadri.

In his statement Zaake said, security agencies of Special Forces Command (SFC) and police excessively battered him during and after his arrest to the extent that he could no longer feel the pain. “I think that after failing to kill me during the ‘Togikwatako’ Saga, they thought that another opportunity had presented itself to them to completely eliminate me,” he added

As his life continued deteriorating in the Gulu Police cells, the MP was later dumped at Rubaga hospital by unknown people. After spending two weeks on life supporting machines, Zaake was charged with treason and cleared to leave the country.

The Independent legislator noted that, in the struggle to oust president Museveni out of power, God will erect many youths reading from the same script as himself, “trust me when the late Cerinah Nebanda was brutally murdered, many of us joined the struggle and here we are exactly reading from the same script as her,” he added.

He contended that, Health workers that attended to him in Rubaga Hospital were intimidated during and after his admission by the state, he however, applauded them for braving the storm. Narrating the ordeal, he said in Mannipal Hospital, through Ugandan Embassy, the state of Uganda attempted to conspire and obtain his medical documents but due to professional ethics exhibited by medical workers, their efforts didn’t not yield.

Zaake said, there has been propaganda orchestrated by the state to justify their wrong doing that People Power is a violent group. “That is not true, we are non-violent, and we associate ourselves with the principle of Mahatma Gandhi which states that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. We can never be violent and never shall we ever be, two wrongs can’t make a right,”

“We are just seeking for transfer of power to a generation that will address the current constitutional crisis that befalls us as a Country and we intend to do this with utmost tranquility unless otherwise the state plants a bad group among us,”