President Museveni commissions Murema water project while below he unveils Kashongi water project in Kiruhura district.

President Yoweri Museveni has launched the Mulema water scheme in Bukanga County of Isingiro District in South Western Uganda saying the service, which the National Resistance Movement government has now availed to the area, forms a foundation for development in the entire Isingiro District.

The president made the remarks yesterday at a public rally that was held at Murema Primary School in Bukanga County shortly after launching the Mulema water scheme. The area has been prone to water shortage, especially during drought spells, affecting both domestic and agricultural activities.

Museveni also laid a foundation stone for the construction of the Nyamiyonga Katogo water system.
“Water has been a challenge in this area. We have provided it and this is the foundation into water development. The Government will get water from River Kagera to serve Mbarara. The water from Mbarara will be extended to Isingiro to serve both domestic and irrigation needs,” he said.

The Mulema water scheme that the President launched supplies 30,708 homes in 25 villages and was implemented using the Government of Uganda funds through the Ministry of Water and Environment while the local government implemented the scheme with support from the Islamic Bank.
Museveni said that the government is addressing a variety of needs that include roads, electricity, water, schools and health services in Isingiro District. He disclosed that the Kikagati – Muronga road will be constructed adding that the Government will fulfill its developmental commitments in the area in particular and other areas of the country as well.

He commended the people of Bukanga County in particular and of Isingiro at large for their commitment to work as was witnessed through the well managed banana plantations. He tasked Agricultural Officers to test and analyze the soil in Isingiro District so that Government may supply them the appropriate fertilizers.

The area Member of Parliament, Stephen Kangwagye, revealed that the NRM government has provided an effective immunization programme in Bukanga County that has enabled rapid population growth. President Museveni also commended NWSC under the leadership of Dr. Silver Mugisha for the commendable task NWSC has rendered the country. The president also over same weekend commissioned Kashongi water project in Kiruhura district.