Dr. Lious Kasekende

A leaked document shows that the Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor Dr. Louis Kasekende transacted over Shs897.060 million through the mobile money platform for the period June 30, 2017 to March 30, 2018, showing how rich the official is.

The leaked document that Eagle Online has accessed indicates that Kasekende, who was recently interrogated by the Auditor General John Muwanga, over the liquidation and sale of seven banks, now defunct, transacts over Shs3.3 million on the daily basis.

The document indicates that Kasekende during the period received over Shs443.808 million from his family and his farm manager Bagonza Kasekende on 075959xxx
Meanwhile Kasekende would in that period make payments of over Shs305.734 million (2017) and about Shs136.965 million (2018). The document indicates most of Kasekende’s payments went towards clearing utility bills as well as contributions to weddings, church fundraising, building materials, and dry cleaning services.

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The document also shows that some of the money received by Kasekende was through unregistered mobile phone numbers. The document does not however specify the amount of the money transacted through the unregistered telephone numbers.
The document adds: 75 per cent of the total receipts, where of 2017 and they increased in January 2018 about 52 per cent.”

Eagle Online days ago reported on a leaked document showing Kasekende’s wife Edith as transacting millions of shillings in a city bank, which would later come out in a press statement to say that the leaked document was fake.

Edith runs an Easy Go account at StanChart Bank number 01001116xxxx, which is used to transact hundreds of millions of shillings.

However, investigator are working to trace the source of this money which is transacted through her account, because she is not known to own any business venture that can accrue several millions of shillings within a short period of time.

A source at the Bank says Edith receives questionable deposits of Shs1.6 billion from BoU which she pays back after making a profit. A source says Edith and other people, including her husband Kasekende could be using BoU’s liquid cash to boost their daily businesses and then send back the money back before it is detected.

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