The minister for Kampala Betty olive Namisango Kamya has warned vendors and hawkers saying Kampala capital city authority (KCCA) has rebooted its policy of enforcing law against street vending and unregulated businesses in the city center.

In 2010, Parliament passed the KCCA Act tailored towards finding a solution to the many challenges in the City. Part A section 3 (a) of the KCCA Act 2010 prohibits, restricts, regulates and licenses the sale or hawking of wares or the erection of stalls on any street, or the use of any part of the street or public place for the purpose of carrying on any trade, business or profession.

Since 2012, KCCA, using law enforcement officers, has been evicting these street vendors off the streets of Kampala. The penalties for street vending include being fined up to sh600, 000, serving a three months sentence or serving community work.

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“I ask them to respect the space they have been given and allow some for pedestrians. Vendors shouldn’t be selling from paths to shops,” she added.

“Laws guiding KCCA on street vendors and hawkers should be respected and I ask KCCA to enforce them. Enforcement officers will retaliate with force, if any on the perpetrators try to resist arrest,” she remarked at Media centre

“Street vendors shouldn’t wait for KCCA to remove them off the streets but go away voluntarily. The person who sold to you that space did it illegally. In our cause to fight corruption we shouldn’t support it,” she noted.

Kamya warned people carrying out construction works without instructions from regulators. She said the habit should noting that Buildings must be constructed under parameters of KCCA.

“Constructing buildings must get permits for the safety of Ugandans. They must reach the KCCA standards even old buildings will be revisited. Building under construction will be destroyed if the owners have no authorization,” He said.