Mr Morrison Rwakakamba of the Bridge International Academies with pupils of Bridge International Academies (BIA).

As the world celebrates Children’s Day, European Union has vowed to continue protecting and promotion of rights of all children everywhere.

According to universal declaration of human rights, every single child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, free from any form of violence, abuse, harassment or neglect.

“It is our collective task to do everything we can to ensure that these rights are respected and ensured for every child. We invest to make sure that children receive nutrition, health-care and education, and to tackle child labour,”

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Through Europe 2020 Strategy, the European Social Fund, and European Pillar of Social Rights, EU is stepping up efforts to prevent child poverty and social exclusion. In this digital age, EU is at the fore front to create a safe, empowering, child-friendly environment in the digital sphere where minors are protected from unlawful processing of their personal data and from harmful audio-visual content online.

“We work with our partners to provide access to psychological support and trauma treatment, helping to protect and reintegrate children who were associated with armed forces and groups around the world. We are helping partner countries to strengthen juvenile justice systems, in line with international standards to protect children and minors,” notes in the press statement.

In combating trafficking in human beings, children also remain at the core of the EU agenda and their ultimate goal remains to prevent and ultimately fully eradicating this crime, including by countering the culture of impunity for actors involved in the trafficking chain.

European commission is convinced that investing in children throughout their journey to adulthood is first and foremost a moral duty towards them, “it is essential investment in a better future for all of us. On this day, therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to redouble our efforts and also call upon all partners worldwide to help work towards the day that no child is left behind,”

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