General Moses Ali

Uganda is set to host the 3rd Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) World Congress in July 2020, peddled at increasing awareness on the rights and needs of persons with disabilities.

Under the theme “Empowering and Enabling”, the 2nd CBR World Congress was held in in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and more than 1000 delegates from 78 countries where delegates reflected on the achievements of community-based rehabilitation (CBR), its future direction and the role of CBR as an inclusive development strategy.

According to cabinet meeting chaired by first deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali, resolved that Good practices shared on CBR and Inclusive Development from different Countries, will help facilitate improved Service Delivery to persons with disabilities.

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They resolved that the meeting will avail a chance for a country to draw Strategies for poverty reduction among persons with disabilities and will be adopted from experiences of other Countries, Sustainable collaboration among stakeholders and Development Partners.

The congress comes with a great potential for assisting low- and middle-income countries to achieve related SDG targets and to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

It was noted that further research is required to continue documenting the success of CBR as a development strategy in addition an appeal was made to amplify its success by ensuring that CBR is facilitated by authorities from a broader range of sectors and institutions, including UN agencies.

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