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UNBS’s 2018 Christmas and New Year Message

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By Dr. Ben Manyindo

Warm and heartfelt greetings from the UNBS family- you partner in quality and standards.

As we approach the end of the year, we need to thank the Almighty God for his grace and mercy he has granted Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) in 2018 despite the many challenges including the loss of our 3 dear staff. To many people, this is the time they have been looking for, a time to re-unite with old friends, a time to travel to the village to catch up with our roots and for the majority, a time to shop and make merry. For Corporates like UNBS, it is a time to reflect on our contribution to the mission of the organization and indeed to the country. It is Christmas season 2018.

From the consumer perspective, there are many players who are positioning themselves to take advantage of the season and make quick money without due consideration to others and more so the consumers health, safety and value for money. What a selfish motive we tend to have at this time of Xmas. It is that time of the year more than any other time, businesses increase their advertising and sales promotion to encourage customers to buy their goods or services.

UNBS would like to sound an alarm and wake up call for extra consumer vigilance while procuring children toys, Xmas lighting, fuel, meats, skin lotions and dyes, discounted items, Xmas hampers, cheap bargains, un-processed drinks and foods among others.

Let us be extra vigilant while we shop, lest we are cheated.

Some consumer tips from Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

Buy UNBS certified locally manufactured products. Get UNBS APP from Google Play store and verify UNBS certified brands.

Shopping for products that are of quality and making comparisons to find the most reasonable prices offered by different business establishments are the ways to go. Buying cheap can be expensive and disastrous to your life or property. Your decision to buy must be informed by reasonable assurance of quality, durability, performance, and usefulness, value for money, alternatives and price of goods or services.

Don’t shop in a rush and become confused.

Avoid buying from hawkers.

For pre-packaged goods, check expiry dates, integrity of the package, and labelling among others

Make use of the UNBS toll free line 0800 133 133 to report substandard goods on the market.


Image result for 5 KEYS TO SAFE FOOD

The staff of UNBS have given their best in 2018 and our clients and stakeholders have been supportive in our work of consumer protection, fair trade facilitation and adding value to business growth of Uganda.

We pledge for better services in 2019.

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